What do we do?

Examples of our products

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Our Expertise and Passion

In our factory located in Viersen (Germany), we have all the available options to produce any size order and accommodate any customer specific requirements.

Our specialty designs are also our strength. Where we differ from other suppliers are in our in-house production and the many possibilities of custom-made products we offer. Tailored to your individual needs, we offer you the following range:

  • We have a standard range that is suitable for most massage tables, various cosmetic beds and many other accessories in the massage, physio, beauty and wellness industry.

  • We also have experience with the production of covers for motor homes and boats.

  • Are you looking for something special or need a different size? Then we can certainly make it possible after a short assessment. Quality and reliability are always guaranteed to your satisfaction.

  • We carry Jersey and Nicky Velvet in 240 g/m² quality in various colors in the standard range with large quantities in stock. Other qualities are also available on request.Terry cloth stretch covers in 240g/m² quality are our standard production cover and available in different colors.

  • Evolon is always available in stock and is a very suitable protection against allergies and anti-dust.

  • PU fabric, our newest addition can be washed up to 95 degrees and then also tumble dried. These quality textiles are all oil and water repellent, fireproof, antibacterial and can be disinfected with alcohol.

Our mission?

Passionate about quality!
Own production, delivering product-quality and satisfying our customers. This is the drive that motivates us every day. If you have any inquiries about custom ordering, please use the contact form below!

Download here example drawings of a treatment chair or facial bed

for custom-made cover sets: